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Diary: Winter in Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Ich hatte das privileg, im frühwinter zu besuchen RubberOnion und TC. Baden-Württemberg ist wunderbar. Danke und bis bald!

I had the privilege to visit RubberOnion and TC (Her partner) in Baden-Württemberg in early winter 2021. We connected via FetLife a few years back and we finally met after so long! It was a minimum 8 hours trip back and forth from My nearest Hauptbahnhof in Deutschland. Woke up early en route to Zürich and everywhere in Schweiz is picturesque! The countryside is blanketed in snow, and the quaint villages are straight out of a storybook. Yes, from my short video clip on Twitter, it was 2°C!

As the cases in Baden-Württemberg is on the high side, the state requires you to take same day supervised Antigen Rapid Test (ART) to dine out and implement it on the day that I arrive. They pick me up in Hauptbahnhof and we drove in a hurry to find Coronatest Zentrum, an outdoor tent test centre booth with a shorter queue. It took less than an hour and yes, it’s gratis and I’m negative! To be honest, I’ve been digging my nose every other day in Europa so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Next in the itinerary is a mini photoshoot in latex! We’re huge fans of latex outfits and all things rubber among many other kinky things. I manage to take a look at how RubberOnion organises hers in a cabinet. Wow, it’s nicely folded and packed in ziplock bags with labels. I can understand why because the majority is black! There’s some she left off to dry after doing her latex laundry. Meanwhile, I hang most of mine in a controlled temperature closet back in Singapore. When I travel, I keep them folded in laundry bags so each piece will be separated (Eg. Dress / Bodysuit / Gloves / Etc).

Check out my outfit from my short video clip on Twitter above! People always have the misconception that wearing latex is stuffy and makes you sweat. Those who live in the tropics like me will think being in the cold will solve the problem but it doesn’t work that way. Latex is second skin so if the surrounding temperature is freezing, you’ll be cold too.

I gifted chicken rice mix because I assume they will miss it (Because they’re Malaysian) and they definitely do! TC mentioned that Asian imported food (Specially flown in luggage) is something to show off to others. We had a wonderful conversation during lunch. I’m feeling the polyglot with English, Deutsch, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu when they speak. It’s annoying for me because I can understand the conversation but can’t converse fluently. Is there certain words you know that can’t be translated because it doesn’t exist in either language? I learn something new “Cook Water” because “Boil Water” doesn’t exist in Deutsch.

We also went to Lake Constance where you can see Bodensee – Österreich and Schweiz. At the end of the bridge, there’s a statue of a sex worker and TC explains the meaning behind it. I’ve pondered and just like Singapore’s history, Konstanz is in the middle of everyone. Back in the days when the port was busy with merchants and one of the oldest professions is thriving to meet the demand of these men. At times, the statue will light up red which symbolises the awareness of sexual harassment. It’s a meaningful history but we still have a long way to go for decriminalisation and protecting everyone.

Thanks for staying till the end. I hope you can visit Baden-Württemberg or even Konstanz to see the amazing old town and river. Here are some casual snapshots of me and RubberOnion. All pictures are taken by talented TC!