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If you want a chance to spend time in My presence for the first time, kindly join the wait list to serve. I am always on the go and will respond to you as soon as I am able. your patience is appreciated. Remember to check your junk inbox in case the virtual mail lost its way. I do not function on-demand or entertain same-day requests.

I am often being served by playthings who are of high prominence in society and hence, an ultra-discretion mode and confidentiality are always on (One of the reasons why I hide My face online – See FAQ). It goes two ways; I will always respect yours, and you will respect Mine in return. If you can’t trust Me with your information, I can’t trust you to be in the same room as Me. No photography and videography are allowed without explicit permission.

I adopt the SSC philosophy where possible; My activities with you will be Safe, Sane and Consensual. Boundaries, consent, safety and hygiene are paramount. Pain or leaving marks is never compulsory—it is a choice and one you may find you enjoy making.

    Month of Birth

    Year of Birth

    As a global citizen, I frequently travel to the places where I call home. Where are you located? (*Press CTRL & click to select multiple on desktop. To state a specific city, kindly state it next to your name above.)

    Preferred Duration (Read Servitude page)

    By checking the following boxes,


    There are several ways for you to show your devotion. Prove by your actions and not by empty words. I adore My playthings to contribute to the betterment of My life and being able to fulfil their needs of giving.

    Service slave

    Are you a hands-on individual or have time to show your devotion in real life or virtually? What can you do to make My life simpler? It can be maintaining My heels, leather or latex. Gifting vouchers for meal delivery or perhaps drive Me around.

    Virtual Training

    Far away from where I am or you are shy? Complete tasks virtually and earn your way up. Request for curated training via My LoyalFans platform.

    Financial Sponsorship

    No skills, unable to commit enough time or do you just want to make Me smile? Devote to Me with monetary tributes, sponsor My event attendance, vacation trips or My preferred gifts to make sure I am well taken care of.

    Erotica Contributor

    Let your imagination run wild in this realm of FemDom. Contribute contents to My diary. Submissions will be manually vetted and edited before publishing.

    Ownership (24/7)

    Ownership is only offered to established playthings who have worked their way up to earn it and are able to commit long-term in the D/s Total Power Exchange (TPE) relationship. I expect monthly financial contributions to thank Me for the opportunity.


    Investment tribute rates are similar in all cities (Vary depending on the foreign exchange) regardless of your declared fetishes and kink interests. Kindly enquire within for an accurate quotation. Rule of thumb: I charge less by the hour for a longer duration.

    A non-refundable deposit is required to secure My precious time and plan ahead. Kindly provide Domme/provider references (if any) or other forms of verification as part of the screening process. Would like to meet Me for a first-time social only? Check My etiquette page.

    Prelude (1.5 hours)

    For the time-strapped established playthings where you know what I truly want or expect from you. Also, perfect for the inquisitive explorer who has completely no idea where to start and prefers to leave it to a Professional to open your mind.

    Incite (2 hours)

    Behaviour correction where I will train you to be My perfect plaything. The way you speak, behave and think will be corrected. I will examine you based on your fetishes and the boundaries that you declared.

    Delight (3 hours)

    Let Me toy with you in whichever way I please. Perfect for playthings who would like to have the chance to explore at a comfortable pace and be introduced to different sensations.

    Alter Ego (2 -3 hours)

    Let’s have a playful time together where I will guide you into transforming into someone or something you truly wish to be. Perfect for cross-dressing opportunities, pet/furry training or human furniture/objectification.

    Admiration (4-5 hours)

    My ideal D/s date with you where W/we will dine together at My approved cafe or restaurant that you had researched for Me. Afterwards, I will train you to be My perfect plaything. The way you speak, behave and think will be corrected.

    Adoration (6-7 hours)

    An extended D/s date with you where W/we will have social time together (See rendezvous ideas) before heading back where I will toy with you in whichever way I please at a comfortable pace.

    Libertine (12 hours or more)

    An intensive training behind closed doors with social time where I will break and mould you into My perfect plaything. Dive into My way of life. Spend the day or overnight in servitude.

    Escapade (24 hours or more)

    Let Me show you a glimpse of My lifestyle. Have a taste of a Female-Led relationship that you have always dreamed of but are unable to do so due to your commitments. Let’s go for a staycation or weekend escapade.

    International Tours & Private Travel

    Mainly based in Asia, Singapore and frequently tours Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Australia, Deutschland, Schweiz and beyond. Subscribe to My complimentary mailing list to receive tour updates or check My Twitter. I thrive on travelling and accept Fly-Me-to-you (FMTY) on a polite request with references or other forms of verification. Passport ready, 192 countries visa-free.

    The following below are FMTY flat rates in Singapore Dollars (SGD) for a simpler planning process between U/us. This only includes My upscale personal accommodation, flights, transport as well as My commuting time and energy from Singapore. Exclude in-person servitude tributes and other supplementary costs such as meal dates, shopping trips, additional hotel/dungeon hire for private play sessions, entrance fees & etc.

    ASEAN & Hong Kong | 2000
    Japan, South Korea & Australasia | 4500
    Europe, UK & North America | 6000
    Rest of the World | Enquire Within

    My schedule is flexible and able to accommodate yours with ideally at least one week in advance notice. Plan ahead to avoid disappointment (Especially during peak/public/school holiday periods when most services will be fully booked). A minimum reservation of Admiration in-person servitude. Top-up is required for business class flights and above – I only fly with four/five-star airlines. All origin flights are from Asia, Singapore.

    Investment tribute rates are similar in all cities (Varying depending on the foreign exchange) regardless of your declared fetishes and kink interests. Kindly enquire within for an accurate quotation. This non-refundable amount is to be fully paid together with your partial in-person servitude tribute to confirm your time with Me so I can plan ahead and make necessary reservations Myself.