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Diary: Mistress Caittrin’s Travel to Hong Kong After Restrictions

To be able to land in Hong Kong without further restrictions such as quarantine and mask rule is a joy. I miss the days when I will be there at least twice a year to meet the kink community, Domme comrades and of course, My beloved playthings. This is the first time after a long time since December 2019. I was lucky enough to be able to roam around after the riot ended and just before the first case exists. I brought along My French Canadian partner-in-crime, Mistress Evangeline Ducharme. It was Her first time and I am glad that She enjoyed it too. We also managed to catch up with French Mistress Elis Euryale who is mainly based in Hong Kong.

Despite coming from Singapore, Hong Kong have a place in My heart. Some may say it is similar but it is the epitome of a cosmopolitan city that meets nature. One can escape by trekking and hiking at many islands with great weather (during the right season) which Singapore lacks. Of course, food culture and world-class transportation are similar. One can easily access everywhere even without a car (Unless you live on the Peak or the islands). It is disappointing that in both cities, certain things that are significant or symbolise the past or tradition are getting erased and being replaced with modernisation.

During My trip in March, I connected with established playthings that I met previously prior to the pandemic. I am so glad to see familiar faces and connect with the kink community again, especially Kinky Hong Kong (KHK). The team did a great job at bringing up the awareness of kink in a lifestyle and D/s aspect with an international following. Although many had left due to restrictions and other issues, I look forward to a prosperous BDSM community in Hong Kong!

As there aren’t many tourists yet, I took this opportunity to explore the attractions that I’ve never been to despite travelling to Hong Kong countless times. The queue was bearable and there isn’t a need to buy the express pass. Thanks to all My playthings who made My return trip memorable! you know you are keeping My tummy full with delicious comfort food, as always…

[ Upcoming HK Tour Announcement ]

4th to 11th April 2023
(Hong Kong Island/Tsim Sha Tsui)

I accept private sessions play (Reference/verification & non-refundable deposit required). Limited availability. Social dates are available too. Priority will go to those whom I’ve established a connection with. Alternatively, you can have the privilege to put on shoes for Me at Lane Crawford 👠

For KHK members, I look forward to meeting you for Femdom Appreciation Day. I’ll be facilitating workshops/sharing sessions with My personal demo cat and doing a performance during the play party. Do check your email from KHK for registration details. Do note that the information is not available on Fetlife yet.