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Diary: Kitty Retreat in Phuket

Last month, I took a subs-funded solo break nearby in Thailand and also joined My kitties for a 24/7 D/s live-in retreat in Phuket. It’s been an amazing journey exploring as She is new to the BDSM realm. She is still a virgin and I am glad She gave Me permission to take hers away by using My strap-on. As of now, I am finding the right moment and scene to make it memorable and pleasurable for her. I am also grateful to those who allow Me to be their first Mistress to serve. I know it can be scary for first-timers but with the right guidance, it is just one step ahead to exploring your sexuality.

This is Serenity Unfiltered: Meditation, Morning Jog, Yoga & Spa
Taking it slowly without looking at the clock.
What do you do on your self-care days?

I am blessed to have wonderful subs who take care of My well-being, ensuring that I am pampered and always ready at My best for a brand new day. There is no doubt that being Dominant is always very demanding with people’s expectations of you. It is common for subs to feel this way and submitting a Domme makes you feel relieve. Being just you outside of work and taking instructions of instructing others. Most people know ‘sub drop’ exists which is why aftercare to Me is important after a session regardless of how intense it is. However, not many are aware of ‘Dom drop’. There is no doubt that being a Professional Dominatrix takes a toll on both physical and mental health and it is common to suffer burnout. As for Me, I learned to cope with it by indulging in impromptu solo self-care days. It may vary in activities but channelling and concentrating on Myself brings joy and inner peace.

Subs not only contribute monetarily but also did some research about the trip for Me. Service servitude such as carrying My luggages (Which apparently My checked-in got security checked before leaving HKT to Changi). At this point, I am no longer surprised when My luggages got inspection stickers on it when I retrieve it from the conveyer belt. I also met My personal friend while queuing for check-in at Phuket International airport. What are the odds of being a prominent figure in My personal life?

W/we checked in the resort on a Monday while everyone is busy being a corporate puppet. The premise of the kitty retreat was hilarious on paper. W/we were there with ambitions of productivity clearing admin backlogs but W/we just ended up playing non-stop. Now, W/we have more backlogs added but it’s a good destressing while it lasted for four days. I brought out My HDMI cable so W/we can play SIMS on the TV screen.

It is a repeat cycle of Play, Sleep, Eat, Repeat.

Imagine you are restrained without any blindfolds and you can watch every move I make. First, I blindfold her to heighten the sensation and soon, caressed her skin with My ropes and sharp fingernails. I decorated her up with rose petals and rub her pussy through her sexy thongs. Soon, I remove her blindfold and turn on her horny playlist where I perform a lap dance on her with My high heels in front of you. All you can do is just watch as W/we kiss and make out. A lesbian cuckolding scene indeed. She let out a catharsis and as a Domme, it is My duty to be well aware of body language and untying Her quickly. I brought her back to a calm, safe moment because not all safe words are able to be vocalised or processed. BDSM is indeed an advance form of intimacy with a certain level of intelligence required.