Caittrin's Universe

Professional Lifestyle Dominatrix | Femdom Singapore


My kink interests differ from day to day
depending on what I am in the mood for,
who I am playing with and
as long it doesn’t cross O/our boundaries.

I can be sensually playful, strict diciplinarian or both.
(I’m not a robot that follows specific instructions)

My forte lies in tantra bondage and
had spent hours in rope education
within the kink community worldwide.

My experiences are broad accumulated
over the years and I use it in any ways
to My advantage to toy with you
for My pleasure…

*Note: This is a non-exhaustive list and
I may also have other satisfactions & desires
as well which are not stated below.


| Worship Me
(Feet, Legs, Heels, Boots, Gloves, Stockings)

| Fetish Fashion
(Latex, Leather, PU, Nylons & etc)

| Non-scripted Role Play

| Co-Domination with My Domme Comrades

| Genuine Power Exchange Connection

| Play to Own

| Receive service submission via vanilla tasks
(Chauffeur, Gardener, Chef & etc)

| Social dates with discreet public play
(Cafe, Museum, Theatre, Shopping, Gala & etc)


| Orgasm Control
(Tease/Denial, Ruined, Post-Torture, Onahole & etc)

| Restraints
(Shibari, Cuffs, Shackles & etc)

| Sensory Play
(Deprivation, Overload, Temperature, Blindfolds, Tickle, Breath Control, HOM, Gag, Clothed Facesitting, Ear Plugs, Hypnosis & etc)

| Anal Play
(Training, Pegging with strap-on, Butt Plug, Fisting)

| Cock & Ball Torture
(Chastity, Humbler, Ball Busting & etc)

| Corporal Punishments
(Military Exercises, Judicial Caning, OTK Spanking, Flogging & etc)

| Discipline & Obedience Training

| Humiliation & Degradation
(SPH, Pet Play, Golden Shower, Spitting, Slapping)

| Medical Play
(Sounding, Electrics, Enema, Wartenberg Wheel, Prostate Exam)

| Nipples Play

| Sissyfication & Consensual Forced Bi


My style of domination does not involve sexual activities, intercourse or any unlawful acts. I do not partake in activities involving scripts, heavy medical play, animals, minors, brown/ruby showers, switching/subbing or allowing you to worship any part of My body that is typically covered by a bikini. Touching, licking or kissing without My consent is sexual assault.