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Diary: German Fetish Ball Week Survival Guide

After two years of GFB hiatus due to the pandemic, it’s finally back in 2022! As this is My first time at the event, I’m so excited but unsure of what to expect. I am glad that this is not My first time in Berlin so I won’t panic as compared to My Athens trip where I don’t know anyone or where am I when leaving the airport. Here are some of My personal notes I wish I knew before attending and I hope that it’s helpful to you one way or another.

If you’re not coming to German Fetish Ball Week, this can also apply as tips if you wish to come to Berlin to party, especially at Kit Kat Club or other Fetish theme events.

German Fetish Ball Week 2022 Schedule

Kinky Cocktails (Drinks & Social at a Bar)

Sonic Boom (Club)

Day 1 Fetish Fair (Shopping)
Sweet Surrender (Club)
Fetish Guerilla @ Kit Kat (Club, Play & Performances)

Day 2 Fetish Fair (Shopping)
Ball (Club & Performances)

Farewell Brunch (Dine & Social at a restaurant)

Pre-Departure Bookings

I suggest booking hotels (My preferred choice) or AirBnB early at least three months prior (I’m glad I did) because people I met told Me it’s all fully booked one week before. Not because of people attending the fetish week but they are vanilla intercities travellers (Which I found out during My stay). Ideally somewhere near the venues (Ost / East Berlin) so that you won’t have trouble finding transport, or you can just walk to the clubs. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. I pretty much Uber everywhere I go because 1. I’m in heels and it’s tough to walk on the “pavements”, 2. It’s too cold outside to walk especially at night.

I had the VIP GFB tickets from 2020 thanks to My dearest friend Mistress Evangeline and you should purchase them too because it gives you all-access events listed in their schedule and an express VIP/guestlist queue line when you enter Kit Kat on Friday night.

How to get to Berlin? It really depends where you are heading from or heading next. As I’m heading to Köln the following weekend, I decided to fly to and fro via Frankfurt on SQ and just train everywhere as I prefer taking the train to a plane as I’m carrying toys and equipment. Also, enjoying the scenery. The nearest airport to Berlin is Willy Brandt – Der Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg. It is located less than an hour from the city centre.


What to wear? If you’re heading to all the events stated in the schedule, it will be ideal to wear different for each. It also depends on which one you are going. Generally, for the ball, you can wear more extravagant as compared to others. Shoes that you’re comfortable functioning in are a must because they will make or break your day/night.

Most importantly, study the dress code for each event because they have strict rules for entry. It gets warm inside especially in Kit Kat with the crowd so you don’t have to be all covered up in a full catsuit. I suggest something that you can have access to easily when you go to the washroom. You don’t want to spend half an hour trying to get in and out of your outfit in a tiny dirty cubicle.

There will be a coat and bag storage counter but do bring cash for that. Do note that phones or cameras are not allowed at Kit Kat and some other clubs or Torture Garden Berlin. When you’re in the club, ideally be empty-handed. Alternatively, rely on pockets, boobs (Yes, I know some ladies in Singapore clubs hide cash in their bras which I don’t), small sling bags or belt pouches to store some cash for drinks purchases or perhaps lipstick? Most clubs don’t accept cards so carrying cash is your safest bet.

It’s the German Fetish Ball Week!

I can’t stress this enough to not overpacked your day plans as your nights will be intense. Have plenty of rest. You don’t have to be in all events even though you purchase the VIP tickets or stay throughout the night. Pace yourself and check in advance your preferred music/DJ. Drink lots of water. Don’t overload your alcohol intake and try to be sober. It’s not fun anymore if you’re drunk or tipsy. In BDSM protocol, you should not be playing under the influence of alcohol anyway.

It’s common in Berlin where people take recreational and hard drugs when partying in clubs. I’ve never indulged in any before and never will. When I came out of Kit Kat at 0300h in the morning, there is an ambulance outside because someone couldn’t wake up. Honestly, it was too early to leave but I was sleepy and slept in the club while the music is blasting in My ears (What’s new?). The clubbing scene is so much different in Singapore and honestly, it is a culture shock for Me. Nevertheless, I’m glad I had peers around. I am also so blessed that I don’t have to join the normal queue for Kit Kat because I heard that it can be extremely long sometimes or around the block and it takes a few hours to finally reach your turn. That’s what the VIP wristband is for!

Do note you need a negative pre-covid test same-day supervised to enter Kit Kat (Check the rules before coming). It’s crowded af and no one wears a mask so yes, that explains why to keep each other safe.

Aftermath of Intense Partying

After all the screaming while trying to talk to the people in a loud environment and long hours of standing, pamper yourself because your body will thank you for that. Hitting the 30s isn’t the same as I’m clubbing at 18 years old in Butter Factory or Zirca / Rebel. I will probably stick to less hardcore partying and more to social events.

It will be nice to have feet/body massage and nourish yourself with healthy food and drink before you start to function normally again as well as your body clock. I always carry body lotion, scented oil for the diffuser and a TENS unit with Me when travelling so I can have an on-demand massage or calm meditative state in the hotel room.

Hope that this quick survival guide will be useful for you if you ever wish to attend the German Fetish Ball Week or just to Berlin to party. All the best!