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Is this your first time in the realm of BDSM or serving a Domme? I have a soft spot for novices, and I’ll be excited to guide you through if you are willing to learn.

To all prospective playthings:
If you care to impress your sapiophile Domme, ensure you’ve read My website in its entirety. I will only communicate with literate, self-aware, polite and respectful individuals.


Rule #1: I do not function on-demand or according to your checklist. I offer you the opportunity to serve a Lady. This is My way of life. How I behave depends on My mood for the day and who I am with, so long as it does not cross O/our respective boundaries. I will not guarantee any specific kind of play. Ultimately, your pleasure derives from My gratification. Hence, I also do not accept custom clip requests.

Rule #2: I am a classic Dominatrix, not a fetish escort. Hence, you are not allowed to touch Me unless given instruction. Domination does not involve sexual activities, intercourse or any unlawful acts. I do not partake in activities involving scripts, heavy medical play, animals, minors, brown/ruby showers, or switching/subbing; nor do I allow you to worship any part of My body that is typically covered by a bikini.

Rule #3: Discretion and confidentiality are two-way streets. I respect yours, and you will respect Mine too. I play by the BDSM rules of Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK). Trust, boundaries, hygiene, safety and consent are paramount. Pain or leaving marks is not compulsory; it is a choice.

Rule #4: I do not tolerate time wasting, poor manners and excessive annoyance. My time and energy are precious and I will only direct My attention to admirers that are worth building a connection with – on emotional, spiritual and physical levels. If you would like to chat or consult, do proceed to My LoyalFans platform.

Rule #5: Read My website and, ideally, refer to my social media in its entirety to discover more about Me. I am an open book and do not wish to repeat a common answer that was already mentioned somewhere. This includes answers to questions such as what My kinks, fetishes and boundaries are, or how I started My BDSM journey.


Would you like to go for a non-play date with Me? Or, perhaps, you are a first-timer who is shy and would like to meet in person to see whether W/we are compatible for play? Induction rendezvous are social only for those whom I’ve not met before.

I expect a minimum of monetary tribute for My precious time. An initial non-refundable amount of USD100 via My LoyalFans platform applies. The exact remaining discussed amount is to be placed in an unsealed envelope between an additional gift (From My Wishlist/Bag/Book/Magazine).

Kindly select a restaurant or bar to dine in for My approval. Make a reservation to ensure guaranteed seats. Additional activities are optional. See Rendezvous ideas. Greet Me as ‘Miss Kate’ when W/we are in public.


When you plan to reserve My precious time for private play, regardless of duration, this protocol is crucial to fulfilling My expectations of you.

– – –

First Point of Contact

If this is your first time with Me, I expect you to go through My Waitlist form for formality. Those who have met Me before, feel free to contact Me through O/our established platform. I do not do same-day requests, kindly plan ahead. An apology fee would be required if you request to serve Me but decide not to proceed in the end for wasting My precious time.

For first-timers, kindly fill up the questionnaire to the best of your ability. I expect references or other forms of verification, especially if this is your first time meeting a Professional Dominatrix. For those who have served Me before, I would like to know if there are any changes to your discovery of kinks, boundaries and health conditions.

Discussion on O/our schedule availability. My investment tribute rates depend on the duration and differ in each city based on the current exchange rate, regardless of your kinks. After W/we discuss O/our availability according to O/our schedules, I will send you My terms and conditions (including safe words) via email. Kindly acknowledge by sending a non-refundable deposit to secure My precious time with you and allow Me to plan ahead.

– – –

Days Prior to the Session

W/we will discuss several specifics regarding the session, though do note that I will not entertain excessive ping-pong messages or share explicitly how I will dominate you. I am also not interested in a detailed essay outlining precisely how you wish to be dominated – remember, I do not work according to scripts. If you irritate or make Me uncomfortable before we even meet, I will decline to meet you without a refund.

Read My website in its entirety as I may ask you questions regarding your knowledge of Me. It is important to know who you are serving. Re-read My terms and conditions. I expect you to trim short, shave or wax your pubic hair completely if possible – exceptions are given for valid reasons. If you have listed anal/pegging as part of your fetish interests, do watch what you eat (I recommend a diet high in fiber and low on meat and spicy food) and, ideally, perform an enema cleanse with a FLEET beforehand.

If you happen to have an unexpected health situation, kindly inform Me a minimum of 48 hours in advance to reschedule within one month of the agreed session date. Beyond that, kindly place a new non-refundable deposit to schedule a new session. Remember to have enough rest and stay hydrated. O/our play may be physically demanding. If you have another session in the days leading up to O/ours, do let Me know so I can be aware of any damage to you (for example, cane marks).

– – –
The Day of Session

I expect you to be in a clean state of mind and body. If you are drugged or heavily intoxicated with alcohol, you will be refused a session with Me without a refund and may be blacklisted. Do not arrive too early or loiter around the agreed venue. Reach at the earliest 5 minutes before, or exactly on time. If you are running late, do let Me know in advance. Do not dress sloppily or obscenely; I expect smart casual or business wear. Greet Me as ‘Miss Kate’ whenever W/we are not in a play environment. If you get cold feet and decide not to show up according to the schedule W/we agreed upon, kindly give appropriate notice and compensate Me for My time as we have agreed upon prior – ghosting is extremely rude and I will likely blacklist you.

Within the play session venue, there will be a place for you to take a private shower and store your belongings safely. Ensure your phone is in silent mode or switched off so it does not interrupt O/our time together – I give exceptions for valid reasons. Kindly place the exact remaining discussed amount in an unsealed envelope; it is rude to pass Me cash openly. If you do not have an envelope, hide it in a newspaper, magazine or book. If you are meeting Me for a social date first, W/we will follow the plans W/we have discussed prior accordingly.

– – –

During a Session

No photography and videography is allowed without explicit agreement from both of U/us. I will expect you to be kneeling or crawling at all times, though I will give leniency to those with valid health concerns. Before play, we will have a discussion for U/us to get to know each other better. As part of your training, you may be asked to perform acts of servitude.

Let O/our rendezvous flow naturally and see where O/our journey takes us. Erotic interactions between U/us have to be negotiated and consented to. During play, you will obey My commands and play by My terms, all within your established limits. BDSM and power exchange solely relies on trust; utmost transparency is paramount. Ask for clarification if you are not clear with My instructions. Do not make assumptions unless you know Me well enough. Conversely, although I may be intuitive, I am also not a mind reader; do voice your desires and concerns to me as they arise.

A reminder: Domination does not inherently involve sexual activities, intercourse or any unlawful acts. I do not partake in activities involving scripts, heavy medical play, animals, minors, brown/ruby showers, or switching/subbing – nor do I allow you to worship any part of My body that is typically covered by a bikini.

– – –


I will provide aftercare for you to wind down after play. If you have a preferred form of aftercare, kindly inform Me in advance so I can make the necessary preparations. This is also an opportunity for U/us to show appreciation to each other for O/our time together. Depending on how our time together goes, W/we can take our connection further and let it blossom on O/our journey into the world of BDSM – only if W/we deem so fit.



I prefer to be addressed as ‘Miss’ outside of play. My honorific changes depending on who I am playing with behind closed doors. There are two options to pronounce My name ‘Caittrin’: (1) English ‘kate-tryn’ or (2) German ‘kei-trin’, (With the letter ‘r’ roll in your throat). Listen here.


Kindly schedule to introduce yourself ‘Join the Waitlist’ form. I will be in touch with you to know more about you, your kinks and etcetera. Treat it as a job interview. If you’re qualified, you will have the opportunity to serve Me in real-time.


Ensure you’ve read My website in its entirety. I will only communicate with literate, self-aware, polite and respectful individuals. I’m a Lady – A human being and not an object. Respect Me, including My body. The same goes for your vanilla life, do not objectify your female co-workers in a corporate office or professors in academia. your tone, behaviour and choice of words should be the same in a professional setting. What makes Me any different from your Lady boss or female professor other than the fact that I’m just kinkier?

I don’t behave imperiously at all times. I can be (extremely) casual with you outside of play but remember to be always respectful. I do not fancy clingy individuals. Do not hound Me every day. My universe doesn’t only consist of you.


I value cybersecurity and your privacy. I do not want to jeopardise O/our meeting due to external factors (Eg. Authorities, hotel staff or your colleagues/partners/friends). you’ll be surprised that people are able to recognise Me based on My unique dressing style even without looking at My face. I do not have a common face and have yet to find My doppelgänger. Beyond that, with facial recognition technology on the rise on social media and highly surveillance governments in real life, it’s best not to reveal.

If you’re so inclined to see Me, schedule your first D/s rendezvous or attend the events that I’ll be heading to stated on My Fetlife profile page. Do note I’m there to socialise and do not have time to solely focus on you.


Beauty is subjective and I understand that not everyone will fancy My appearance. I’m in My early 30s but people who have met Me mentioned that I look like I am just of legal age. I guess it’s a compliment for looking young (or just good genes)? Also, do not always assume that being Asian I would have the typical East Asian facial feature. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world is.

I’m of mixed Asian descent with sunkissed olive skin. Petite stature with divine pair of UK 3 high arch feet. I’m sure you’ll be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids and sweet deceiving smile. I do not have any tattoos, enhancements or body/face piercings except My ears for a pair of earrings.


British English is My native language and it is My preferred language of communication. I expect full sentences and correct grammar from you (To the best of your knowledge if English is not your native language). Use an online translator if you require assistance.

I don’t have a specific accent that I stick to as it depends on My travels and who I have been hanging out with (I get influenced easily!). I’m told by My public speaking mentor that I speak with an International accent and enunciate My words properly in a formal context. If I were to speak casually, I would say I generally swing between Singaporean-Australian-British accents.

However, I am also a polyglot in training but will only use it depending on the context and situation. Find out more when W/we meet!


Yes, I am trained. I attend First Aid, CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) & AED (Automated External Defibrillator) courses for your safety. I renew My certification in Singapore when due. I also attend classes on rope (Shibari) safety to be aware of possible nerve damage situations.


I am a Dominatrix and not an escort. There will be no intimacy, rimming, intercourse or sexual activities that end with a ‘job’. Do note that I am not a commodity or an object. My body is NOT a masturbation toy. Touching, licking or kissing without My consent is sexual assault.


My Philosophy: Inclusive yet decisive, Intuitive yet rational, Nurturing yet assertive & Driven yet fair.

I do not provide a service. I offer you the opportunity to serve a modern-day Renaissance Lady with an alternative lifestyle. If you are looking for a service-based Domme to dominate you and fulfil your temporary kink fix or reenact that fantasy you watch from p*rngraphy, I am not the Lady for you. My methods are entirely different from an average fetish provider. This is not a quick money-making job for Me. I value genuine power exchange and long-term D/s relationship connection. Being worshipped by playthings who appreciate for who I am – Both in vanilla and kink. Quality over quantity, always.


My kink interests differ from day to day depending on what I am in the mood for as long it doesn’t cross O/our boundaries. My forte lies in tantra bondage and had spent hours in rope education within the kink community worldwide. My desires, satisfactions and boundaries are listed somewhere on My website.

Erotic interactions have to be negotiated and consented to. you will obey My commands and play under My terms within your established limits. Let O/our rendezvous flow naturally and see where O/our journey takes us to.


After playing privately in My personal life for over a decade, I decided to challenge Myself to learn and explore with playthings all over the world. Those who would love to serve Me for who I am but are unable to worship Me 24/7 due to personal commitments. Everyone is unique with different kink interests and boundaries. It also allows Me to adapt accordingly and understand Myself more in-depth. During My kink travel, I enjoy connecting with other kink communities, Dominatrices, NGOs and playthings who have communicated with Me prior to My arrival, and are allowed to serve Me in real-time.


I understand that not everyone has the courage to step out of their comfort zone. Feel free to sign up as a member in My Virtual Stable where there will be tasks, slave training courses & etc.


Yes but I do not trust and accept strangers to serve Me personally. There should be some form of connection prior to that. It is a requirement for you to have the financial stability to serve Me in a functional manner. I don’t expect a high level of financial servitude. I do have subs who are still students but yet they are more capable than a “full-time working adult” who expects more but gives less.

Do note that you’re not the only one who will be serving Me. My time and energy are limited and I will not respond to anything subpar. Once I own you, you will be worshipping Me only. I welcome all genders and sexuality. I have a soft spot for first-timers/novices if you’re willing to learn. If you’re an experienced player, I expect no less from you but do not assume I am the same as your previous owner.

Let’s begin your journey of surrender