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Diary: Escaping Equity Tower in Jakarta’s Earthquake

Friday night plan? To sleep early and have some mini photoshoots in My cosy luxury hotel room suite.

I had good experiences on this trip special thanks to My newest playthings added to My stable. They understood Me so well and one of them hit Me in the right spot knowing My minimalist style when I told them I’m so picky with My choices of hotels. Kempinski may sound luxurious but the room interior isn’t My cup of tea.

In reality? I didn’t know what to do during high tea and decided to just search up for a chapter meeting and meet vanilla strangers representing My district. It’s quite interesting seeing how other clubs organise their meeting especially when I’m on the EXCO committee back in My club. Coincidentally, it was nearby to where I was in South Jakarta and decided to head to Pacific Place before heading there.

Traded My beloved pink identification card at the reception to access the tower and here I am before the platonic plates decided to shift. Notice that I’m actually wearing heels? I scrambled down barefooted over 20 storeys high. As much as I care about My feet because it’s important as a ProDomme, rescuing My life is the utmost priority.

If you’ve caught up with the news, it’s 7.4/6.9 magnitude in Banten and everyone in the chapter meeting who are locals was shocked because it’s a rarity for Jakarta to feel seismic. What happens next? We decided to continue an impromptu meeting after the evacuation, followed by chatting up in a cafe. Traded some name cards and did some networking for My vanilla self and it was so fun to talk about politics, finance and how expensive the cars here in Singapore as compared to Indo LOL


I couldn’t count with My fingers and toes how many potential slaves I rejected for My Jakarta trip. Am I just too picky? I’ve always believed that if you can’t communicate with Me well virtually, chances are in real life we won’t be able to click well.

As much as professional domination is indeed ‘transactional’ with tributes, I tend to stray away from being a fetish provider and would rather be the Domme that reflects who I truly am. It’s mentally and physically exhausting and at the end of the day, I’ll just crash which is why I choose to see who I really want to see making My life exciting and pleasant. Those that are worthy of My precious time.

I can be mean, and playful but at the end of the day, I am still a human and always love to connect with unique individuals all over the world.

Although it’s My first time in Jakarta, I’ve so many acquaintances residing here (Mainly from My secondary and tertiary school) and made so many vanilla friends (After this shaky incident) and I was quite surprised by the income gap. There’s a growing population of the middle-income class but apparently, all My Indonesian friends from school are all loaded and travelling around the world with their luxury bags. This trip indeed made My eyes wide open. I never felt so cheated in My entire life with all the social environment that I was being fed since young. My Indo secondary school friend actually wore her Louboutins during a casual day to come to school (WE WERE ACTUALLY JUST 15 years old are you kidding Me)

I tried converting My grab rides to SGD and was extremely confused. Also, there was no way for Me to walk out in the streets even though I am an expert jaywalker in Singapore but this is an entirely a whole new level.

I’ve always wanted to meet Miss Lily Alexandra but She isn’t here so I decided to message a Domme that lives in Indo too on Twitter and was so delighted to meet Her when she says yes! It was pretty impromptu but We had a fun conversation with Her partner. I was telling Her that My website is blocked by the Indo government and She said almost everything is blocked and most people use VPNs. I don’t know how many times I have to inform people that they need to view My website using a VPN. So I actually prepared a VPN on My phone and yes, even Fetlife, Tumblr is blocked =_=

To sum up, how was My trip here? I love the food and was so delighted to meet My favourite Rawon dish. I can’t take spicy but was so happy I had the chance to survive without having sambal belacan all over the place. I tried cafe hop but I was too full. The waiter probably thinks I’m crazy when I said I’m having the high tea set for two, all by Myself *sniggers*

I was texting My sister and told her why everybody assumes I can speak Bahasa just because I look like a local. She was like yeah, me too. I managed to survive with speaking (no thanks to) cliche Indo drama with the evil stepmom but once it comes to texting, I will be extremely confused with all the short forms because the grab drivers will be texting Me where I am.

Probably this sentence will be the highlight that I told My school junior when I met her on the first day – “What do you mean by the buses come when they feel like it?”

Though I’m glad to hear that Jakarta is safer than some US cities. Makes Me think deeper about My States trip that I keep postponing. See you soon Jakarta! x