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Erotica: Moments of Pain and Pleasure

As i was kneeling on the floor in the corner of Her dungeon, i could hear Her – Mistress Caittrin – rummaging around on the other side.

i kept my eyes low and my breath steady. All i could hear were the sounds. And not before i knew it, She was in front of me. She asked me to raise my head. She put a collar around my neck and locked it; symbolising how I was Hers for the session. She attached a leash to the collar and led me to the center of Her space.

Mistress sat on the bench that was prominently in the center, one leg crossed over the other. W/we sat quietly for what seemed like 5 minutes but was only maybe a couple of seconds. my eyes remained low. And then she spoke, reconfirming my kinks, my limits, and that i remembered the safe words.

Satisfied, She stood up walked up to grab something, and was behind me. As i heard her footsteps come back, she stopped behind me. She covered my eyes with a blindfold.

And as my eyes went dark my other senses immediately heightened. Her footsteps which were silent before were clearer…moving further away, the rummaging of a drawer… And then the music began.

And within an instant then Her voice was in my ear. Commanding me, almost controlling me to get up onto the bench. As i fumbled with finding and getting up, I could hear something drop to the floor.

As i lay face up on the bench, i felt a weight land on me, slithering across my body. The twisted
strands dragged against my skin. “Put your legs up on the bench. Feet flat on the bench. Knees up,” Her voice cut through the music. i obeyed. Her nails danced on my skin and panty-hosed legs. Each touch sends a sensation of anticipative pleasure down my body. Her hands moved deftly and swiftly creating a knot on one of my ankles.

Her hands continued their exploration of my body. Each touch sent a jolt of excitement and tension throughout. And there She was in my ear again… “Don’t think, just feel.” The whisper of those words in Her voice made me refocus my breathing and i could feel my brain turn off and my body relax. i felt the rope slither across my legs, gripping and hugging. Her hands moved swiftly from the feel and the rope snaked its way, restraining my leg. i heard her footsteps. It sounded as if She was prowling around the bench, admiring Her handiwork, when I heard something else drop on the mats.

Another rope slapped across the front of my body, slithering across my body controlled by Her hands…. as deftly as the first leg, the second was also captive. “Get down…. off the bench” Her musical voice echoed in my ears again. Without thinking i put my hand out, rolled off the bench and caught myself on the ground. i stumbled about trying my best to get onto my knees. And face where Her voice had come from. i could hear the smile in Her voice when she Said, “Good Job.” Her fingers walked over my shoulders, nails digging in, the pain and pleasure mixed with the electrical shocks from Her touch. “Bend over the bench, hands in front,” Her voice in my ear again, that siren-like quality just compelling me to move as instructed.

She grabbed my hands and i felt Her secure me on Her bench. Her hands moved swiftly and deftly as the ropes wrapped around my wrist and the legs of the bench. As She pulled me forward, my legs lifted off the ground onto my knees. The rope around them pulled them, secured me, and made me immobile. She shifted my knees, pushing them wider. Her fingers walked over me as She moved past me, and I could hear hard things and swooshes. I prepared my mind for what was to come.

“Thwack*, my body moved from the first hit on my bottom. The cane stung as it pulled back.

“Count them out loud,” She said


“One what?”

“One Mistress”


“Two Mistress”


“Three Mistress”

She paused a bit and readjusted

Thwack This one hit right in between and stung so much that my back arched

“Four Mistress”

“Pain level from 1 -10?” Her voice back in my ear

“6 or 7 Mistress” I stuttered… my breath ragged as it escaped as She moved away


After a pause “Five Mistress”


“Six Mistress”

“Pain level?”

“7 Mistress”

“Good, do you still remember your safe words?”

“Yes Mistress”

She moved away and came back

Thwack This one stung differently, almost two stings. i screamed out

“Eight Mistress”

“Can you tell what’s different?” She asked.

“Yes, Mistress this one has 2 stings compared to one”

“Good, you’re still awake then” Her hands grabbed my nipples and twisted. Under the blindfold my eyes were seeing stars, i moaned and screamed.


“N-n-nine Mistress”

“Pain level?”

“Nipples 8, the cane 6 comparatively”

my moans and screams mixed in with Her continued swings


“Seventeen Mistress,” I cried as my back leaned over defeated


“Nine Mistress”

“Stay there”

She moved away and i just took deep breaths…. trying to calm myself down. i tried to refocus and could feel the heat radiating from my bare butt cheeks. I re-straightened my back and took some more deep breaths.

And she was back. Her hands touched my back her nails moving along them. She untied my hands from the bench and pulled my hair back. “Lay down, on your back” She commanded into my ear.

I pushed myself onto my knees my legs still restricted and did my best to control my position. And then I slowly lay back.

“Hands above your Head,” Her voice cut through the music again. i obeyed and waited with anticipation of what was to come. Controlling my breathing.

And then the hotness hit. Sharp hot pain right in the centre of my back. Drops of hot lava spread across my front, but there is a pleasure to them that I cannot explain. They cool just as fast as the next one land. my body sent shivers of pleasure and pain as this happens.

And then there was cold. A freezing burning cold as a flat surface touched my chest. i could feel the wetness as the hot and cold played off each other.

And then the hotness was on my inner thighs as the coldness continued to assault my chest, slipping around as i shivered, and the stars danced in my eyes behind the blindfold. i lost track of myself a little and then one drop of hot lava landed on my thigh that sent what seemed like a firework throughout my body as it shook violently and just as it all began, it stopped.

Mistress’ hands begin to untie my legs, and when the rope restraint left my leg collapsed to the
floor. my brain slowly focused back on my breathing and then the blindfold came off.

Her smiling face looked down at mine as She said,

“Well Done.”


Written by plaything sid, Edited by Yours truly.