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Diary: A Domme’s Visit to First Southeast Asia’s Largest Art Fair in Singapore

Earlier in My life, I was introduced to the world of arts and was encouraged to pursue it despite growing up in a city where studying STEM and joining the corporate rat race is the priority. Since then, I have believed that art is an expression of oneself. This also allowed Me to understand My playthings better whenever I could admire their purchased art collections in their homes.

I had an opportunity to attend the preview show for ART SG held on Wednesday night. It is the first-ever art fair in South East Asia, and it’s been a decade since a fair of a similar scale was held in the Asia Pacific. I couldn’t contain My excitement as I walked through the doors of Marina Bay Sands Halls. The energy was palpable, with what I usually call Artsy people bustling about, admiring the incredible works of art on display. Over 160 leading galleries from more than 30 countries and territories were represented, each showcasing contemporary art from around the world.

It is refreshing to see budding artists’ works being displayed that are affordable below US$10,000. I can imagine how nerve-wracking it can be to compete with veteran talents. If given an opportunity to showcase in a gallery, I will definitely seize it. Furthermore, I highly value artworks gifted by My playthings, regardless of whether it is their own creation, commissions dedicated to Me, or even purchased from My preferred artists in the past. Will this spark a gift idea?