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Erotica: Moments of Pain and Pleasure

As i was kneeling on the floor in the corner of Her dungeon, i could hear Her – Mistress Caittrin – rummaging around on the other side. i kept my eyes low and my breath steady. All i could hear were the sounds. And not before i knew it, She was in front of me. […]

Erotica: Getting Dressed Appropriately

She breezed into the room, business-like, Her mules making no sound on the cold marble room. She paused to regard the object suspended in the middle of the room like a jaguar considering whether its prey was worth descending from its perch. She rolled the coloured egg in Her hand as She stood, the other hand on Her hip. Bringing the egg up to Her full lips, She kissed it, planting Her mark on the eggshell. […]

Erotica: A Trip to Singapore, My First Domme

It was my second time in Hong Kong. The first time was several years ago and I was on vacation with my sister and her boyfriend. We did a lot of sightseeing and ate a lot of Chinese food. We also met a former friend who took us around. Of course, since my sister came along we did a lot of shopping. […]

Erotica: Evan’s First Submission

“Get down on your knees,” said Mistress Caittrin in Her soft but firm voice. As Her slave quickly got down on his knees. This was Evan’s first time meeting his new Mistress and he was eager to make her proud. However, he did not expect it took a devilish turn the moment he walked into Her lair. The lair was a nice whitewashed room with many tools that made him erect really quick and tools that no one knows what they are meant for. […]

Erotica: Erin’s Hen Night

“Are YOU sure you want to do THIS?” Caittrin asked, holding my hands firmly with a look so deep and serious. “you don’t have to take this step, we could always have a normal Hen’s Night. It’s not too late. you know that, RIGHT?” Giggling from the thrill, “Yes… Heee Mistress,” I said in jest. Which resulted in a harsh slap to my face and seeing Caittrin still dead serious […]