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Have you ever wondered what life is like for Me?
Well, now you can find out by taking
a glimpse into My way of life through My Domme Diary.

Or perhaps, in a universe not too far from our own,
there is a place where the lines
between fantasy and reality are blurred.
Here, you can teleport yourself into
the world of FemDom virtually.

So take a step into this otherworldly place
and let your imagination run wild
in this realm of infinite possibilities.

  • Luxury and Leisure: A Domme’s Bali Getaway
    Solo travelers are accustomed to self-sufficiency, but for this trip, I decided to let go and have someone accompany Me. My toy became more than just a helper; he became My travel companion. It was intriguing to note the contrast as I flew in comfort on My national carrier (As always) while My toy took […]
  • Diary: Lifestyle Dominatrix Anniversary in Perth
    In the heart of Perth’s unhurried grace, I find Myself reflecting on how swiftly time dances by. This month marks a remarkable milestone – My 6th year anniversary living as lifestyle Domme publicly. I learned more than I expected after a decade privately prior to this. It’s a journey that has been deeply enriching and transformative, marked by growth, connection, and an unwavering dedication to understanding the complexities of intimacy. […]
  • Diary: Mistress Caittrin’s Travel to Hong Kong After Restrictions
    I miss the days when I will be there at least twice a year to meet the kink community, Domme comrades and of course, My beloved playthings. This is the first time after a long time since December 2019. I am so glad to see familiar faces and connect with the kink community again, especially Kinky Hong Kong (KHK). […]
  • Diary: Kink Social Weekend in Singapore
    Learning is a never-ending process. As a professional Domme, it is essential to stay up-to-date in the industry. One of the best ways to do this is by attending workshops and social events. These events offer a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills while also networking with other kinksters. I had the privilege to attend Kristina Marlen’s Shibari workshop where […]
  • Diary: A Domme’s Visit to First Southeast Asia’s Largest Art Fair in Singapore
    Earlier in My life, I was introduced to the world of arts and was encouraged to pursue it despite growing up in a city where studying STEM and joining the corporate rat race is the priority. Since then, I have believed that art is an expression of oneself. This also allowed Me to understand My playthings better whenever I could admire their purchased art collections in their homes. […]
  • Diary: Zürich Travel VLOG | Schweiz Standard of Living
    Grüezi! I landed in Flughafen Zürich during My early autumn Europe tour and I am so excited to share with you My adventures. A former Singaporean politician used to compare Singapore and Switzerland. To reach the Swiss Standard of Living […]
  • Diary: Kitty Retreat in Phuket
    Last month, I took a subs-funded solo break nearby in Thailand and also joined My kitties for a 24/7 D/s live-in retreat in Phuket. It’s been an amazing journey exploring as She is new to the BDSM realm. She is still a virgin and I am glad She gave Me permission to take hers away by using My strap-on. I am also grateful to those who allow Me to be their first Mistress to serve. I know it can be scary for first-timers but with the right guidance, it is just one step ahead to exploring your sexuality. […]
  • Diary: Lego Gets Kinky – Building A BDSM Sanctuary
    Mini figurines and Lego are for adults too, and it’s exciting to bring a fantasy into reality. This set Me to thinking – why not build a kinky pet sanctuary? My dream is to create an indoor torture dungeon with an outdoor area for relaxation (I’m a huge fan of lofts!). Not forgetting, of course, a stable where all My pets will be kept […]
  • Diary: German Fetish Ball Week Survival Guide
    After two years of GFB hiatus due to the pandemic, it’s finally back in 2022! I am glad that this is not My first time in Berlin. If you’re not coming to German Fetish Ball Week, this can also apply as tips if you wish to come to Berlin to party, especially at Kit Kat Club or other Fetish theme events. […]
  • Diary: Athens FemDom Gala
    It was such a pleasure to be invited to attend this amazing event hosted by Mistress Alexandra Balance. Most importantly, the subs who made My trip a smooth one or supported Me in any way. Thank you and I appreciate that for making Me smile. This is also the time I’ve discovered who actually cherishes the Lady that they admire and who doesn’t. […]
  • A Domme’s Energy, Time & Effort
    As Dommes, We’re constantly busy. How We choose to spend our 24 hours a day is up to Us. This also means you’re not entitled to Our time, energy and effort unless proven worthy. Men will try to find ways to message Us everywhere except Our preferred way for the first point of contact. Why? First impressions count. […]
  • Diary: Sissy and Food Escapade to Kuala Lumpur
    For the first time, all My sessions are sissies! I’m impressed by the amount of effort you darlings put in collecting lingerie and cute outfits for crossdressing. There are so many things that I could go on and on about crossdressing. wrong. Most importantly, you feel happy and relieved that you have a safe space and avenue to be accepted to be who you truly are or indulge in your secret hobby. […]
  • My Current Toys Obessession
    I remembered the first tribute I received from a slave before I turn full-fledged professional Dominatrix was to invest in toys. Afterwards, it became a habit where I reinvest back to the BDSM scene and before I knew it, My collection grew exponentially. I generally do not showcase all of My toys because I will need plenty of space which I do not have. Also, I’m always on the go so I bring those that I will use often. The rest will be hidden in temperature-controlled storage (Just like My latex & leather pieces). After a while, you’ll realise what toys collect dust and what toys doesn’t. Not all toys are made equal mileage. I focus on quality (Eg. Medical grade silicone, Stainless Steel & etc) and avoid cheap factory manufactured ones because I want My slaves to have the best experience. As much as they are the one who serves Me, I value My duty of creating a safe environment for them. […]
  • Diary: Winter in Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
    Ich hatte das privileg, im frühwinter zu besuchen RubberOnion und TC. Baden-Württemberg ist wunderbar. Danke und bis bald! I had the privilege to visit RubberOnion and TC (Her partner) in Baden-Württemberg in early winter 2021. We connected via FetLife a few years back and we finally met after so long! It was a minimum 8 hours trip back and forth from My nearest Hauptbahnhof in Deutschland. Woke up early en route to Zürich and everywhere in Schweiz is picturesque! The countryside is blanketed in snow, and the quaint villages are straight out of a storybook. Yes, from my short video clip on Twitter, it was 2°C! […]
  • Diary: VLOG Unboxing BDSM Toys
    Earlier on, I pass by an adult sex toys store and I accidentally went on a shopping spree. I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve purchased! Online shopping isn’t My thing unless I’ve no choice. Thank you L for assisting Me & answering My endless questions for almost 2 hours in the store. […]
  • Diary: Australia Autumn Before Lockdown
    It’s the last quarter of 2020 and we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Places are reopening. Slowly but surely. Do you remember the mess that happened earlier this year? No doubt, I had a hard time while travelling the world for kink during the first quarter of the year (Yes, I did actually manage a quick trip to Australia). I’m sure people these days are on endless conference calls while wearing undergarments. I had the weekend planned over in Melbourne in advance with workshops and events. […]
  • Diary: Escaping Equity Tower in Jakarta’s Earthquake
    I had good experiences on this trip special thanks to My newest playthings added to My stable. However, the unexpected happened. Traded My identification card at the reception to access the tower and here I am before the platonic plates decided to shift. I wore heels but took them off and scrambled down barefooted over 20 storeys high. […]
  • Diary: Leaving Footsteps in Major Cities
    Dear Diary, March just left us but it was an eye-opening experience to travel for what I love. Outbound from Singapore to major cities. Am I a local Hong Kongese in Hong Kong? Vietnamese student in Melbourne? Filipina traveller in Sydney? I know I do not have a common face or obvious Singlish but it’s intruiging everywhere I go people think I’m just not Singaporean even in Jakarta. […]