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Kink Social Weekend in Singapore

Learning is a never-ending process. As a professional Domme, it is essential to stay up-to-date in the industry. One of the best ways to do this is by attending workshops and social events. These events offer a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills while also networking with other kinksters. I had the privilege to attend Kristina Marlen’s Shibari workshop where […]

A Domme’s Visit to First Southeast Asia’s Largest Art Fair in Singapore

Earlier in My life, I was introduced to the world of arts and was encouraged to pursue it despite growing up in a city where studying STEM and joining the corporate rat race is the priority. Since then, I have believed that art is an expression of oneself. This also allowed Me to understand My playthings better whenever I could admire their purchased art collections in their homes. […]

Virtual BDSM Training by Dominatrix Caittrin Lee

Dream to worship Me but you’re shy? Perhaps, you’re miles from where I am. Maybe, you’re a novice who would like to learn more about BDSM & Femdom with hopes to serve Me in-person one day? * Membership as a follower is complimentary. Selective features require a tribute. […]

A Jolly Xmas Self-Care Month with a Price

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and new year! If this year doesn’t work well for you, I hope things will get better for you. Another year will pass and so will the school holidays. As much as people assume that Pro Dommes only fill up their time with sessions, there are other things We do that are related to or complement it. Nevertheless, do I consider this month to be self-care […]

Kitty Retreat in Phuket

Last month, I took a subs-funded solo break nearby in Thailand and also joined My kitties for a 24/7 D/s live-in retreat in Phuket. It’s been an amazing journey exploring as She is new to the BDSM realm. She is still a virgin and I am glad She gave Me permission to take hers away by using My strap-on. I am also grateful to those who allow Me to be their first Mistress to serve. I know it can be scary for first-timers but with the right guidance, it is just one step ahead to exploring your sexuality. […]

Lego Gets Kinky: Building A BDSM Sanctuary

Mini figurines and Lego are for adults too, and it’s exciting to bring a fantasy into reality. This set Me to thinking – why not build a kinky pet sanctuary? My dream is to create an indoor torture dungeon with an outdoor area for relaxation (I’m a huge fan of lofts!). Not forgetting, of course, a stable where all My pets will be kept […]

German Fetish Ball Week Survival Guide

After two years of GFB hiatus due to the pandemic, it’s finally back in 2022! I am glad that this is not My first time in Berlin. If you’re not coming to German Fetish Ball Week, this can also apply as tips if you wish to come to Berlin to party, especially at Kit Kat Club or other Fetish theme events. […]