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Luxury and Leisure: A Domme’s Bali Getaway

Solo travelers are accustomed to self-sufficiency, but for this trip, I decided to let go and have someone accompany Me. My toy became more than just a helper; he became My travel companion. It was intriguing to note the contrast as I flew in comfort on My national carrier (As always) while My toy took […]

Locktober Virtual Mission Trip | Chastity

Locktober is not just a FemDom symbolic in the month of October to be in a chastity cage for a Domme’s amusement. It is an opportunity for redemption by holding accountability for your thoughts and actions. Embark on a transformative journey through mindfulness, self-discovery, and self-control. I look forward to seeing you grow to be a better version of yourself. […]

Diary: Lifestyle Dominatrix Anniversary in Perth

In the heart of Perth’s unhurried grace, I find Myself reflecting on how swiftly time dances by. This month marks a remarkable milestone – My 6th year anniversary living as lifestyle Domme publicly. I learned more than I expected after a decade privately prior to this. It’s a journey that has been deeply enriching and transformative, marked by growth, connection, and an unwavering dedication to understanding the complexities of intimacy. […]

Erotica: Moments of Pain and Pleasure

As i was kneeling on the floor in the corner of Her dungeon, i could hear Her – Mistress Caittrin – rummaging around on the other side. i kept my eyes low and my breath steady. All i could hear were the sounds. And not before i knew it, She was in front of me. […]

Diary: Kink Social Weekend in Singapore

Learning is a never-ending process. As a professional Domme, it is essential to stay up-to-date in the industry. One of the best ways to do this is by attending workshops and social events. These events offer a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills while also networking with other kinksters. I had the privilege to attend Kristina Marlen’s Shibari workshop where […]

Diary: Kitty Retreat in Phuket

Last month, I took a subs-funded solo break nearby in Thailand and also joined My kitties for a 24/7 D/s live-in retreat in Phuket. It’s been an amazing journey exploring as She is new to the BDSM realm. She is still a virgin and I am glad She gave Me permission to take hers away by using My strap-on. I am also grateful to those who allow Me to be their first Mistress to serve. I know it can be scary for first-timers but with the right guidance, it is just one step ahead to exploring your sexuality. […]