Caittrin's Universe

Professional Lifestyle Dominatrix | Femdom Singapore


As an International Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix,
My way of life is different from the average folks like you.
Maintaining an interesting life isn’t always easy;
it requires a certain level of commitment.

This is your chance to devote your Domme
is leading a comfortable life by adopting
one of these monthly expenses.

$ 300 | Internet: In this digital age, this is the only way for U/us to keep connected globally
$400 | Groceries: The best way for Me to cook a healthy meal is with quality ingredients
$500 | Languages: Pursuing Myself to be a fluent polyglot
$500 | Fitness: Being active which is also the reason you admire My figure
$600 | Equipment: To ensure I use quality kink toys and supplies
$700 | Beauty: I take pride in looking after Myself and it is because of this, that you love Me
$800 | Well-being: It is important for Me to truly feel healthy both physically and mentally
$900 | Riding: My chance to bond with horses and attend private classes for leisure
$1000 | Education: Feed My lifelong learner brain for the ever-changing world
$1100 | Transport: Allow Me to commute effectively by land in any city