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Why am I in this Universe?

The days I have spent trying to fit into this society’s definition of what it means to be a Woman are over. During My adolescent years, people often noticed how different I was from the other girls, who were typically far more… soft-spoken. While I appreciate all soft and submissive Women—for in that is its own kind of strength and charm—such a personality has never suited Me. Thus, unable to fit the expectations of those around Me, I felt left out and alone.

It all changed when I unintentionally dipped My toes into the world of FemDom over a decade ago. It wasn’t until I fell down a particular rabbit hole of internet searches that I realised that what seemed normal to Me was actually kinky, and that things I saw as very common turn-ons were actually fetishes. A fascinating world opened before Me then, ripe for exploration.

Having explored the BDSM lifestyle and Female Led Relationships (FLR) in private, with the realisation of how well it suits Me, I then decided to challenge Myself by learning how much more there is out here in the world of Professional Dominatrices.

Those who would love to serve Me for all that I am but are unable due to personal commitments such as work or family life—have no fear. W/we can still connect with one another on a captivating and satisfying new level, even if you are not able to offer Me 24/7 devotion like some might desire to give their Goddess. | Begin your journey of surrender >

Sun-kissed & Petite Asian Renaissance Muse

Born and raised in Asia’s cosmopolitan sunny island city, I’m the perfect bridge between Western and Asian culture with My mixed roots (do noteI do not have East Asian facial features). Having grown up learning about both worlds has made Me a polyglot-in-training from a young age.

I am an outgoing introvert, and a self-proclaimed foodie with a well-developed palate. Do share with Me your favourite cuisine spots—I am often on the road, and good food makes My journeys all the richer. I grew up where chivalry in front of a Woman is a necessity, and I expect no less from the playthings who wish to serve Me.

With a hint of old-school charm due to My upbringing, I am drug-free and do not smoke. I wear minimal makeup and rarely have a need for cosmetic additions to My body; be they false eyelashes or nails. Admire My sun-kissed olive skin with no tattoos, enhancements or piercings save for a pair of elegant earrings.

I am a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach & Hypnosis practitioner accredited by The American Board of NLP-Hypnotherapy and practices Time Line Therapy™.

As a hedonist living the FemDom lifestyle out of a suitcase, I am currently on a constant hunt for new adventures. I thrive on travelling for kink events being able to meet extraordinary Domme comrades and upgrading Myself through workshops. Of course, being served by playthings like you.

I appreciate what the community has done to nurture Me, and strive to give back by educating kink neophytes via a non-profit group—KinkED Singapore—where, as a part of an experienced group of Singapore kinksters from all walks of life, we provide basic BDSM and kink-related education and share useful resources.

As Domme…

My experiences are broad and accumulated over the years and I use them in any ways to My advantage to toy with you
for My pleasure…

I derive gratification through authentic power exchange and personal connection. I do not have a specific style of play; it all depends on My mood and the person(s) I am playing with. I am neither a robot nor a service top. Some days, I am a sensual boss; some days a strict disciplinarian, or a caring pet owner, or even a comforting therapist.

My forte lies in bondage and had spent hours in rope education within the kink community worldwide. My style as a rigger leans towards the connective/tantra/semenawa, rather than decorative, though I do appreciate aesthetics in My ropes.

Discretion and confidentiality go two ways; I will always respect yours, and you will respect Mine in return. I adopt the SSC philosophy where possible; My activities with you will be Safe, Sane and Consensual. Boundaries, consent, safety and hygiene are paramount. Pain or leaving marks is never compulsory—it is a choice, and one you may find you enjoy making.


I am a classic Dominatrix and not a fetish escort. Hence, you are not allowed to touch Me unless given instruction. Domination does not involve sexual activities, intercourse or any unlawful acts. I do not partake in activities involving scripts, heavy medical play, animals, minors, brown/ruby showers, switching/subbing or allowing you to worship any part of My body that is typically covered by a bikini.


| Worship Me
(Feet, Legs, Heels, Boots, Gloves, Stockings)
| Fetish Fashion
(Latex, Leather, PU, Nylons & etc)
| Non-scripted Role Play
| Co-Domination with My Domme Comrades
| Genuine Power Exchange Connection
| Play to Own
| Receive service submission via vanilla tasks
(Chauffeur, Gardener, Chef & etc)
| Social dates with discreet public play
(Cafe, Museum, Theatre, Shopping, Gala & etc)


| Orgasm Control
(Tease/Denial, Ruined, Post-Torture, Onahole & etc)
| Restraints
(Shibari, Cuffs, Shackles & etc)
| Sensory Play
(Deprivation, Overload, Temperature, Blindfolds, Tickle, Breath Control, HOM, Gag, Clothed Facesitting, Ear Plugs, Hypnosis & etc)
| Anal Play
(Training, Pegging with strap-on, Enema, Butt Plug, Fisting)
| Cock & Ball Torture
(Chastity, Humbler, Ball Busting & etc)
| Corporal Punishments
(Military Exercises, Judicial Caning, OTK Spanking, Flogging & etc)
| Discipline & Obedience Training
| Humiliation & Degradation
(Small Penis Humiliation, Pet Play, Golden Shower, Spitting, Slapping)
| Medical Play
(Sounding, Electrics, Enema, Wartenberg Wheel, Prostate Exam)
| Nipples Play
| Sissyfication & Consensual Forced Bi

*Note: This is a non-exhaustive list and I may also have other satisfactions & desires as well which are not stated above.

| Begin your journey of surrender >


Good things in life require care, maintenance and knowledge. Life isn’t filled with only materialistic goods. Pick your choice to invest in My way of life or read this page to know more about Me as an individual. This will be invaluable in your quest to please Me. If your memory is poor, keep notes. Create a lasting impression by indulging in Me and standing out from the crowd. Kindly contact Me personally via O/our established connection platform first if you wish to indulge in My lifestyle.


I’m a fashion fetishist! My wardrobe is the perfect mix for any occasion with materials such as latex, leather, satin, lace and more. From fetish wear for kink parties, casual for picnics to smart casual for social dates or cocktail wear for gala events.

As a Petite Asian, it is difficult to purchase off the rack and hence, the majority of My clothing is bespoke. If you would like to purchase gifts from retail stores and contribute to My wardrobe, here’s My sizing (Depending on the cut):

Clothing | UK 4-6
Bra Size | 30B
Shoes | EU 34-35
I do not wear flats, slingback heels & sneakers.

Feel free to see My wishlist and what new addition I need!


A self-proclaimed foodie with a well-developed palate. Some of the cuisines I adore are Indonesian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian and the list goes on.

I’m able to take mild chilli/spices. I don’t eat duck and frog meat. When dining, warm still water or tea works well for Me. I only drink alcohol to pair with food.

If you’re travelling to Singapore, allow Me to introduce you to our hawker culture, listed on the UNESCO heritage list. Oh, how about trying king of fruits, durians too?

Sometimes I experiment in the kitchen and cook fusion such as uni pasta and I enjoy preparing a charcuterie board!


I may be mean as a Dominatrix but not unreasonable. The world out there is much cruel outside of this enclosed space. My ideal world is where sex work is decriminalised globally for a safer work environment and animals are well taken care of. Help those who can’t help themselves to earn My respect and gratitude.

Here are some of My favourite local organisations:
Singapore | Project X, Street of Singapore Dogs
Australia | Scarlet Alliance, Cancer Council
USA | Red Canary Song


My life is full of adventure! Horse riding, indoor rock climbing, and trekking are just some examples of how active I keep myself. I’m always up for social dates to history museums or performances, especially orchestra and opera.

In addition, reading non-fiction books in the library and flipping physical newspapers makes Me happy as well because you can learn something new every day from those pages that might change your perspective about certain things forever.


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