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A Jolly Xmas Self-Care Month with a Price

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and new year! If this year doesn’t work well for you, I hope things will get better for you. Another year will pass and so will the school holidays. As much as people assume that Pro Dommes only fill up their time with sessions, there are other things We do that are related to or complement it. It includes having a life outside of play. Nevertheless, do I consider this month to be self-care? Cutting down sessions by quantity and focusing on a few quality subs. I’ve also invested in Myself more than My usual routine to upkeep Myself as a Professional Domme and a Lady.

As a Lady, I consider Myself to be low maintenance as compared to other vanilla Ladies of My age in general. Some guys will argue is too much but beauty always comes with a price. Some ‘boys’ wish to only worship ‘Beautiful’ Women. It seems unfair that We as Dommes don’t judge Our subs by their looks but unfortunately, they judge Us by Our beauty or how tall We are.

I am lucky enough to not require any procedure such as botox or fillers to look young which reduces the cost and time of self-maintenance. I shared on My Twitter post about how My aunty neighbour thought I was 23/24 when I’m already in My early 30s. However, I struggle with hormonal adult acne which affects My complexion. I require more effort to maintain than those who are lucky with flawless faces without much maintenance. My personal sub even questioned whether I am going through puberty again.

Hair Health Salon Trip

I was in Kuala Lumpur earlier this December and I managed to pamper My hair at My favourite salon with some of the tributes that I earn the previous month to fund it which I consider a splurge once in a blue moon despite not doing much services. I think of it as an investment in Myself. At times, I wonder how much Women on the streets spend (time and money) on their hair maintenance every single month to look sleek all the time. For example: Cut, Colour, Treatment, Perming / Straightening. This excludes hair products and beauty tools such as hairdryers, curlers or flat iron on a daily basis.

I did scalp and keratin treatment only to keep it healthy as well as purchasing daily shampoo and conditioner as I ran out of Mine.
Total Bill = MYR 788 (If I were to do it in Singapore, it will probably be SGD788 instead) I lowkey have a phobia of going to hair salon in Singapore if it’s not sub-sponsored because the cost really adds up with additional maintenance for the hair, especially when haircut for Women only these days can easily cost SGD100 in a mid-tier salon.

Daily Skincare Routine Top Up

There are alot of steps to skincare routine but I keep it as simple as possible to not overload My face with chemicals. This time, I ran out of moisturiser for My daily usage whenever I am back in Singapore. I have a separate skincare travel set which is portable enough. My sister pestered Me to visit Sephora, especially since it’s Xmas when they have gift sets for sale. I am pretty lucky as the price for the calming gel cream alone is SGD51 but the special set that I found and managed to purchase was SGD53 which comes with toner which I tend to skip this skincare step.

Routine Packages

I usually do My manicure and pedicure by a sub for the past two years which I am thankful for (and I’ve never stepped in a nail salon since then) but today, I decided to delegate the job to the professional because the rate I am walking/running, it needs frequent and proper maintenance rather than just once a month. I am proud of My high arch feet (Due to daily heels/boots) but I doubt feet fetishists will be proud of cracked and unkempt soles and nails. On top of that, I leave hair removal of My lower private area to professionals too. As these two services are frequently visited every two to three weeks, it will be ideal to sign a package for cost savings in the long run. Before the discount, per session: Full Brazillian Waxing (SGD 78) + Classic Manicure (SGD 28) + Classic Pedicure (SGD38)

Self-Care Beyond Beauty

Self-care is not just on the outside but also on the inside. I’ve been spending My time in the public library reading books in the non-fiction section and bought second-hand books this month. I consider playing with Lego as therapeutic as meditation. Unfortunately, I don’t go to the gym to work out but I do indulge in yoga and pilates by Myself. (Hint: Classpass credits as a gift idea). Consuming nutritious food comes with a price and it always makes Me question why unhealthy food costs much less. You are what you eat literally. I buy groceries and cook as much as possible even when I travel. Finally, I did a speech with a new vanilla crowd to improve My public speaking skills.

What Do I Miss Out On As A Female?

I am blessed with My natural double eyelids and decent-length eyelashes which I don’t require enhancements such as double eyelid stickers/surgery or eyelash extensions. It is a common trend these days in Singapore to do semi-permanent makeup. Not just eyelashes but also eyebrow embroidery. Personally, I’ve never been to one but the prices out there really make Me wonder how much Women really spend on beautifying themselves. On top of that, going for facial treatment has never been at the top of My list yet. Ideally, going for a dermatologist will be ideal but I’ve yet to find a suitable yet affordable one. Also, I do care about nail health and have never done gellish other than just a coat of breathable nail polish. One thing that I definitely miss out on is spa or sauna experiences and as mentioned earlier, clinics that make you look younger or enhance your facial/body features.

Beauty and Self-Care Always Come with a Price

This month, I have not been to a professional massage store yet since I have a sub who utilises his skillsfuture credits (Thanks big boss for sponsoring him to learn and upskill also known as Singapore government – For My foreign admirers) to learn hand & foot reflexology and full-body massage. I visit when I really needed it/convenient. I didn’t purchase any cosmetics or clothes too. I am also not due yet for My dental or eye checkup so that’s another thing for another month. Was investing in Myself worth it? It definitely helps with mental health and being confident in the way I look. We as Women, not just Dommes wish men could understand the effort and cost it takes for them to look at beautiful Women.

We usually do it for Ourselves but unfortunately, it costs them nothing. At times, took Our beauty effort for granted or worst, We get mocked for not having a genetic lottery when they do not have it either based on beauty standards. I am always sceptical of ‘subs’ who only ‘worship’ beautiful or pretty Women. It beats the definition of respecting Women in general.