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Singapore Dominatrix - Sunkissed Asian Petite Mistress Caittrin in Satin Dress for Athens Femdom Gala. Worship heels, leather.

Singapore Dominatrix
| Indulge in FemDom Power Exchange,
BDSM Lifestyle Blog
by Petite Asian Mistress Caittrin |

A Professional Domme
& 24/7 Lifestyle BDSM Mistress
who adores D/s connection and
being worshipped by bona fide playthings.

Caittrin travels for kink frequently to Australia,
Deutschland, Schweiz and beyond.

Dear plaything-to-be,

Pleased that you’ve taken your
first foray to know more about Me.
Allow Me to invite you to enter My universe
where the boundaries of what is
“normal” are transcended.

My ultimate goal for this experience with Me,
and those who come here in search of it,
self-discovery or healing through BDSM
will be a path towards enlightenment
like no other has seen before…

Begin your journey of genuine power exchange
and worship your Mistress-to-be.

Caittrin Lee
Singapore Dominatrix


Singapore Dominatrix Caittrin | Sunkissed Asian - Petite Mistress | Berlin Alfresco Dining Cake Afternoon Tea Casual D/s relationship date

Due to social media’s strict content policy, keep updated about My universe as a Singapore Dominatrix via email. I promise to never spam you.

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    Singapore Dominatrix Caittrin | Sunkissed Asian - Petite Mistress | Boots Worship Scarf Fetish Casual Satin Dress

    Singapore Dominatrix - Sunkissed Asian Petite Mistress Caittrin in latex blazer with scarf


    Born and raised in Asia’s cosmopolitan city Singapore, I’m the perfect bridge between Western culture with My mixed Asian roots. Growing up learning about both worlds from an early age made Me a polyglot-in-training. A self-proclaimed foodie with a well-developed palate.

    A hint of old-school charm due to My upbringing. I’m drug-free and do not smoke. Wears minimal makeup and neither do I put on fake eyelashes nor nails. Admire My sunkissed olive skin with no tattoo, enhancement or piercings except for a pair of elegant earrings. My favourite activities are attending opera and museum visits amongst many others. I grew up where chivalry for a Woman is a necessity and I expect no less from the playthings who wish to serve Me.

    Again and again, be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids gazing at you with a sweet deceiving smile. Worshipping My divine EU35 high arch feet if you’ve earned My trust. Being petite and barely 5 feet tall, more reason for you to be kneeling or crawling in My presence.

    I am both public and privately educated with arts major. I used to be in the track and field school team and currently, I enjoy indoor rock climbing for the adrenaline rush. I adore intellectual conversations about global affairs and various topics such as finance, technology, sustainability, politics and beyond. How about you?

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    Have you ever wondered what alternative life
    is like for Me beyond being a
    Professional Singapore Dominatrix?

    Well, now you can find out by taking
    a glimpse into My universe through My blog.

    Singapore Dominatrix - Sunkissed Asian Petite Mistress Caittrin in German Fetish Ball Berlin Fair. Wearing lingerie lace, latex skirt and high heels.

    German Fetish Ball Week Survival Guide

    If you’re not coming to German Fetish Ball Week, this can also apply as tips if you wish to come to Berlin to party, especially at Kit Kat Club or other Fetish theme events in Berlin. […]

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    Singapore Dominatrix Caittrin | Sunkissed Asian - Petite Mistress | Femdom Gala slave throne Athens Satin Goddess High Heels Leather Gloves

    Athens FemDom Gala 2022 & Musing

    It was such a pleasure to be invited to attend this amazing event. Most importantly, the subs who made My trip a smooth one or supported Me in any way. Thank you and I appreciate that for making Me smile. […]

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      These are the following cities that I travel to (Past/Current/Future). Where would you like to serve Me?(*Press CTRL & click to select multiple on desktop.)

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      Singapore Dominatrix Caittrin | Sunkissed Asian - Petite Mistress | Fishnet stockings, pet pony BDSM play | Leather casual shorts, ankle boots BDSM/Fetish Singapore City Singapore

      At times, you are tired to keep up with your powerful presence in your daily life. Deep inside, you are aching to relinquish your facade and let Her take over your decisions. Begin your chance to devote to International Singaporean Mistress Caittrin Lee. Seek a different satisfaction in your life with the guidance a well-read, poised and petite sunkissed Asian Dominatrix from Asia’s cosmopolitan city, Singapore. Femdom online presence includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.

      Are you a submissive man inside that is forced to put on a facade and lead due to your personal family life or career? Executive Coach – No matter your position is in the corporate world, LinkedIn, – Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Office (CIO) a director or manager in a department. No longer you will be lonely at the top under sophisticated & beautiful high arch feet of a Modern-Day Renaissance Muse’s alternative universe. Featured in Domme Addiction.

      Bondage Discipline Sado-Masochism (BDSM) philosophy of Safe, Sane, Consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) applies at all times. Discretion, safety and hygiene are paramount. Caittrin is an independent Professional BDSM Mistress and can be found in Open Adult DirectoryMistress Advisor. Caittrin Lee can be found Hogspy jet setting in FemDomme Fly-Me-to-you (FMTY) Tryst rendezvous with established playthings worldwide.

      Alternatively, Mistress Caittrin can be seen touring in cities while having escapade to fetish events and kink conventions. Dominatrix Asia – Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta. A part of BDSM community in Australia attending social munches, shibari workshops and play parties in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney during Spring and Autumn season.

      Dickie Virgin admirers, begin your connection in Canada – Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton. Have you been in a state of euphoria or subspace? Indulge in Female Domination – Dommes Nation.

      Explore playtime – Paddles, whips, whipping, bastinado, caning, bondage, tie and tease, feet fetish, temperature sensation- wax, ice. Devote-  Domina Guide you through obedience slave training, genuine power exchange and orgasm control, denial, pegging, sensory deprivation.  If you prefer to indulge in a Domme Lifestyle via a domestic setting instead of a dungeon, Mistress Caittrin will get along well with you. All My Links